"It is great spending time with kids from all around the world and teaching them how to sing! I can't stop smiling when working with them because they bring sooo much joy into my day!"

 – Simran G., Music Tutor from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"Took piano classes with Elad. He is an excellent teacher. Very methodical, patient and extremely detailed in his instructions. I am excited for his lessons now and practice religiously and complete all homework on time. Also took the first singing class with Simran. She is excellent. She came prepared with things to make learning fun and also gave us instructions to practice the song lyrics before the class."

– Riaan G., Student from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I have learned so much, it's great. My guitar tutor, Eryn, is so patient and nice. I'm so glad I signed up for this opportunity."

– Tom E.,, Student from San Mateo, CA

"You guys are awesome - thanks for helping me become a better volunteer and whole person! Keep rocking on! " 

--- Rebecca K., Music Tutor from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"Singing teacher of my daughter is very responsible. She prepares for the lesson." 

--- Parent from Paris, France

"OMG! Rhythm In Place is just AMAZING!! We had our first class yesterday. You guys deserve HUGE kudos! I have always wanted my kids to learn a musical instrument, but haven't had the resources. So when I saw this posting, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I can't tell you how impressed and grateful we are to Ella and her team!"

Parent from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"It has been a life-changer in our boring shelter-in-place routine. Our biggest thanks to Rhythm In Place."

– Parent from Los Angeles, CA

"This is such a great program!! I’m so excited to have kids enroll in the classes I volunteered to teach!"

– Elsie M., Music Tutor from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I knew nothing about piano until these classes, and learned a lot about piano during them. The tutors are really helpful and help you learn a lot."

– Alex R., Student from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"Rhythm In Place is such a great organization that has vastly improved my summer. Needless to say I was pretty bored before I discovered you guys! SO glad for the opportunity to make a difference.

--- Team Member from Burlingame, CA