A Los Altos teen has launched a nonprofit organization that provides free online music classes to students in grades K-12. Rhythm in Place aims to help those whose music classes have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to founder Ella F-E, a senior at Los Altos High School and member of the marching band. “I realized that a lot of students haven’t had a music education since quarantine,” she said. “I was mostly inspired by my experiences of not having any band class since March, and realizing that I had the time. . . Read More


Rhythm In Place makes virtuosos virtually

As the humdrum months of quarantine have drawn on, many have found themselves trying a bit of everything to stay busy. Music has taken a place of solace for many, but with shelter-in-place orders, not everyone has the luxury of playing instruments. Seeing this need emerge, senior Ella F.E. founded Rhythm In Place, an organization that offers K-12 students free, online music education. The Los Altos-based organization started in June, and has since expanded to students and tutors worldwide, offering classes on. . . 


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the basics of Conducting music ensembles

A conductor is one of the most important components to a band, orchestra, choir, or any other musical group. A conductor serves as a teacher, leader, and metronome for the entire ensemble at any given time. Without an experienced and passionate conductor/director, the ensemble would not be able to function properly. A conductor serves as a teacher. Conductors are often called upon to... Read More

Learning an endangered instrument

Endangered instruments are instruments that are rarely picked up in the world of music. They can range from many different families - whether it comes to woodwinds, brass, percussion, voice, or even strings. They are not popular in the musical world, therefore, resulting in high demand. Examples include the French Horn, Trombone, Viola, Double Bass, etc. Many students can gain a great advantage for... Read More